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Kingston Management Services (KMS) is a full-service asset management company with the financial footing and marketplace experience to take full advantage of current market conditions plaguing the housing and mortgage industry as well as the financial US economy. Formed in 2008 as a single purpose entity, the KMS team was organized to serve as the managing entity of the ANB bank loan portfolio in partnership with the FDIC. It is perfectly positioned to satisfy the needs on any new portfolio acquisition.

KMS has offices and affiliates throughout North America and provides a full spectrum of financial management services from locations in Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, California, Florida, Washington, Virginia and District of Columbia. KMS employs a wide range of financial professionals with experience in banking, loan management, note acquisitions, sales of both performing and non-performing loans, work-out of both performing and non-performing loans, note sales, short sales, modifications, guarantor deficiencies, judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, land development, entitlements, REO sales and marketing, and construction services, as well as property management for both commercial and residential properties. The special skill sets within KMS to assess project completion risks, cost overrun risks and market risks is paramount in optimizing cash collections from portfolio prosecutions. The key is balancing asset realizations with cash flow velocity.

KMS business model, combined with specific market familiarity and involvement, created the exceptional returns in prosecuting the ANB loan portfolio. KMS was the first group to successfully bid on a structured purchase venture with the FDIC. Our bid price was by far the lowest and we are achieving some of the highest realization rates of any servicer. Consider, in 9 months, we settled 20% of portfolio (300 loans), returned 100% of original investment to investors while achieving an industry-high 47% average realization.

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